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Charming, wild and beautiful, the peninsula of Taygetos, Mani is a symbol of Greek bravery and is divided geographically by the Taygetos ridge in Messinia (Aposkeri Mani) over the Messinian Gulf and Laconian Mani (Mani Prosilia).

There, in Messinian Mani, only 38 km distance from the town of Kalamata is Kardamyli.

Kardamyli got its first mention by Homer who states that it was offered as a gift to Achilles by King Agamemnon along with 6 other cities as a reconciliation movement during the Trojan War. The ruins of the Homeric citadel, despite the ravages of time, are still outside the village. From the same era, in the 20km length gorge of Vyros, is also the tomb of Dioskouri, brothers of Helen of Troy.

Over the passed centuries, Kardamyli has seen many conquerors mainly because of its key positioning in the Messinian Gulf, and so has a rich history. Today, because of this history and the great beauty of the Mani landscape, Kardamyli is one of the most popular destinations in the region.

The visitor can see the Tower of Mourtzinos, the last Maniat master, in the historic village of Old Kardamyli. Walking the cobbled streets, one will see the church of Agios Spiridon, which dates from the Byzantium and has a magnificent belfry. On the water front, there is in old mill and a soap manufacturing plant, which is one of the most remarkable industrial monuments of Peloponnese. The house itself is on the sea, having been built within the largest olive grove in the area. There are many other beaches in very close proximity, such as Ritsa, Chalikias , Salio, Dolphins, Kalamitsi , Foneas and Neo Proastio.

Mountain climbers and ramblers will find many mountain paths starting from Kardamyli, some of which actually reach the top of Taygetos, the highest mountain of the Peloponnese.

On the slopes of Taygetos are many small villages with a specific area colour and if you are tired there is a mountain refuge at 1600 meters.

In close proximity to Kardamyli and well worth a visit, are a number of pretty villages. Some, such as Stupa have wonderful beaches while others like Agios Nicholaos date back to Byzantine times. Other places of interest are the small towns of Itilo and Areopolis as well as the famous caves of Diros.

The Pastras family, proprietors of “Liodentra”, provide a warm welcome to their guests, while residents of the village treat them like long lost friends.