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Respecting the environment and maintaining the traditional architecture were our criteria when building “Liodentra” guesthouse. Stone, wood and metal are the main materials used by local craftsmen in the construction, resulting in an inspiring composition and design.

The wooden skeleton of the roof is tiled with old Byzantine tiles, selected by the family over several years. The Mani stone, carved from larger blocks, was carefully chosen to create a harmonious composition with the unique light of Mani. All carpentry has been carried out in the traditional local manner so producing fitments in total rapport with the customary style of building.

Nothing synthetic has been used in these exquisite houses; the smells and the colours are soft and earthy. The fabrics are linen cloth and cotton, the knobs iron or porcelain. The bathrooms are decorated with colourful tiles, which are typical in traditional Mani houses.

Both houses are furnished with collectors items from around the world. Some examples are the 19th century dowry chests from Sweden, German bookcases from the Alps, Dutch paintings, French gravures, nomad carpets from Persia and Kangxi style vases from China.